26" Layered Charming Long Dark Red Hair Synthetic Wig Women's Party Fashion Wigs

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LOEL wig is made from excellent synthetic fiber, which is heat resistant. Using a curling iron or straightener on low settings might work, won't be long-lasting and runs the risk of melting the wig.
However, you can style it with near-boiling water. Get a styrofoam wig head, curlers, a stand, whatever. If you want to straighten, let the wig hang straight and dump hot water on it. If you want to curl or style differently, get it into shape using curlers, pins, etc., and then add the water. Allow it to air dry. It works really well and will keep the new style.

Providing natural and gorgeous wigs is what we kamo seek to. Full and thickness make it can pass as real hair. As to the cap size, there are hooks for you to adjust the fit and fix it in place. It is very easy to wear. If it gets tangled when you wore for several time, do not worry about this. Just use some wig spray and comb it slightly.


Material: Synthetic fiber
Color: Dark red
Length: 26"
Weight: 400g
Style: Layered

Care Instructions:

- Wash in cold or lukewarm water
- Add a dash of shampoo and wash gently
- Rinse thoroughly in cold water
- Do not comb when the wig is wet
- let wig drip dry and do not use blow dryers, curling irons etc
- use wig special care solution for the maintainance when dry
- Store it on the wig stand for the better maintainance

Package included:

1X 26" Layered Charming Long Dark Red Hair


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